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Embracing Our Indigenous Heritage at Dynamic Earth Solutions

Our Indigenous Leadership and Values

Dynamic Earth Solutions proudly embraces its Indigenous heritage, led by our CEO William Akanowa. We are deeply connected to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, and this connection is reflected in our business practices, values, and community engagements.

As an Indigenous owned and operated business, we are committed to supporting and uplifting Indigenous communities through our projects and initiatives across Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria.

Learn more about our business practices and values on our About Dynamic Earth Solutions page.

About Us: A Family-Owned Legacy in Civil Construction and Earthmoving
Our Team

Meet Our Expert Team - Dynamic Earth Solutions: The People Powering Your Projects

William Akanoa

CEO/ Operator
Project Manager/ Operator

Kaleb Akanoa

Cert III Civil Construction/ Operator
Operator/ Truck driver
What We Strive For

Promoting Indigenous Employment and Partnerships

At Dynamic Earth Solutions, we prioritize the employment and advancement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals. Our commitment extends to creating opportunities and fostering a culturally inclusive workplace.

Indigenous Employment Programs

We actively participate in and develop indigenous employment initiatives, ensuring equitable job opportunities. Our programs are tailored to support the professional growth of Indigenous Australians within our company and the broader industry.

Collaboration with Indigenous Businesses and Communities

Our approach to business includes meaningful collaborations with Indigenous-owned businesses and communities. We believe in supporting and working alongside these entities to deliver mutually beneficial outcomes and contribute positively to local economies.

Discover our commitment to indigenous employment and partnerships on our FAQs page.

Strengthening Indigenous Business Networks and Communities

Dynamic Earth Solutions is actively involved in strengthening and supporting Indigenous business networks across Australia. Our engagement goes beyond mere business transactions; it’s about nurturing lasting relationships and community growth.

Engagement with Queensland Indigenous Business Network

We are a proud participant in the Queensland Indigenous Business Network, where we collaborate with other Indigenous businesses to share knowledge, resources, and opportunities. This network is vital in empowering Indigenous entrepreneurs and business owners.

Contributing to Indigenous Community Initiatives

Our commitment to Indigenous communities includes contributing to various community initiatives. These initiatives focus on education, health, and preserving Indigenous culture, aligning with our ethos of giving back and supporting sustainable community development.

Learn about our involvement in Indigenous business networks and community initiatives on our Blog page.

Integrating Indigenous Heritage into Our Business Ethos

At Dynamic Earth Solutions, celebrating and integrating Indigenous culture and heritage into our business practices is a fundamental aspect of our identity. We believe in honoring the rich cultural history of Australia’s First Peoples through our work.

Cultural Awareness and Training

Our team undergoes regular cultural awareness training to ensure respect and understanding of Indigenous traditions and practices. This training is an integral part of our effort to maintain a culturally inclusive and respectful workplace.

Indigenous Business Month and Other Celebrations

We actively participate in events like Indigenous Business Month, promoting and celebrating the achievements of Indigenous businesses. These events allow us to showcase the contributions of Indigenous Australians to the business landscape.

For more information on how we integrate Indigenous culture into our business, visit our Emergency Works in Queensland page.


Dynamic Earth Solutions' 8-ton excavator at work on a construction site, showcasing its power and precision